There are various Game Modes in Eternal Arena.


Story is the PVE campaign for Eternal Arena. It is divided into multiple chapters, each of which contains 6 stages. It costs 4 Stamina to attempt a mission and successfully completing it rewards Gold, Experience, and possibly Equipment. Players can also achieve three-star ratings by completing all of a mission's objectives; a large sum of Diamonds is rewarded for attaining three-star ratings for all missions in a chapter.

Starting from Chapter 7, the last mission of each chapter will also yield Awakening Gems.


Players can raid any mission that they have attained a three-star rating in to immediately collect its rewards (can be increased with Honor Rank). It costs 2 Stamina to raid.



Arena is a MOBA-style PvP game mode. Players control 3 heroes and battle to destroy the base of their opponents. There are currently two maps: Stony Gorge (one lane) and Twilight Forest (two lanes).

As in most MOBA games, each base is defended by multiple buildings, such as towers and barracks. Troops will also spawn and march down the lanes to attack the other side.

Quick MatchEdit

Players are matched against an AI opponent. It costs 2 Vigor to do a Quick Match for Stony Gorge and 6 Vigor for Twilight Forest. Players earn Gold or Diamonds for winning the battle.

Friend BattleEdit

Players can challenge their friends to battle over a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Local BattleEdit

Players can challenge nearby players to battle in the Arena using their local network.

Global PvPEdit

Global PvP is a MOBA-style 3v3 game mode. Similar to Arena, but instead each player controls one hero and fights to destroy their opponent's base.

Each base is defended by multiple buildings, such as towers and barracks. Troops will also spawn and march down the lanes to attack the other side.


Duel is a formation-based PvP game mode. Players arrange 3 heroes and 5 troops on a 4x3 grid and challenge similarly ranked opponents. During the battle, neither side will be able to control their formations. Upon winning, challenging players switch ranks with their vanquished opponents.

Players are ranked in tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each successive tier has fewer ranked players than the last, and the range of opponents that can be challenged also shrinks. In order to promote to the next tier, players will be randomly assigned to duel an opponent in the next tier.

Completing Duels rewards players with Duel Gems. Players also accumulate Duel Points by maintaining their position in the rankings. Both of these currencies can be used to redeem items from the Duel Exchange.

Duel may be completed up to 5 times each day (can be increased with Honor Rank). Players may spend Diamonds to purchase additional challenges.

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