The Hat-Trick Magician
Esther Portrait
Class Support
Basic Type Spell
Basic Scaling Spell
Faction Harmony
Harmony Sage
Awakening Silence
Obtained from: Winter Carol, Monthly, Tavern
Starts as 3-star

Esther, the Hat-Trick Magician is a Support that belongs to the Harmony faction. Players can unlock Esther by summoning her at the Tavern, collecting her Soul Stones from the May monthly sign-in reward, or participating in the Winter Carol event.


Story Duel Bloody Battle
★☆☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★☆☆☆


My Own Private Rabbit Garden

It was a day with particularly good weather for April. The sky was powder blue, embellished occasionally with fluffy clouds chased by a spring breeze.

Esther's window just happened to overlook the garden behind the house. Her line of sight fell on her patch of carrots. She stretched herself out and wanted to jump down there to see whether the carrot seeds had all germinated after being planted some time ago.

When she stood in the middle of the garden, she picked up a snow-white rabbit out of boredom. She stroked its fur and felt the trembling that it was trying to hide but struggled to control...Esther revealed an innocent smile.

Only she herself knew that buried underneath the flowers blooming in her garden were piles of bone and flesh. And the snow-white, velvety rabbits used to be living humans.

When Esther was bored, she would sit here and think about stories from the past. After all, here in the hole at the bottom of the tree was too boring.

Only Esther alone lived in the huge mansion. She yearned for the time before when Selene was still here. They could sunbathe, ride swings, or whistle with the grass together. Compared to Selene's natural sensitivity to nature and affinity for music as an elf, Esther could only blow on the grass and emit a hissing saliva sound. However, she continued to blow on the grass without ever getting tired because during these times Selene would certainly be overjoyed and amused by her.

The afternoon sun always shone nice and warm. She and Selene would share sweet coffee and cake on the white bench in the garden. Ah, those were wonderful old times. Of course, most importantly, she would never tell Selene the secret of those rabbits and carrots, heheh.

However, in the end, Selene still left. She was still with that obstinate human archer Beau. He was always by Selene's side, playing piano, reading poetry, and saying a pile of jokes that weren't funny. He seemed to think he was simply the funniest and most handsome man in Etryna.

Well, why wait until I'm an adult? Selene, you could leave the dwarf territory and travel anywhere in the world, but you chose to be together with a human. Could it be that you don't know that they're all full of lies, crooks who will do anything for their benefit and desires?

The life of mortals is so short. He will die and you will come back. Anyway, he's blind, letting him die...should only be a matter of time.

Esther's eyes gazed into the distance. She chewed on a carrot and grinned to expose a complacent smile.

Perhaps I should go find Selene. Esther thought wistfully.

She grabbed the rabbit and shoved it into her pocket, not caring about the human-like screech the rabbit gave out as it died.


3 Stars Health Attack Spell Armor Resist Move
Base 2275 0 393 492 688 365
Per Lv. +235 +0 +93 +42 +58

4 Stars Health Attack Spell Armor Resist Move
Base 2652 0 559 573 801 365
Per Lv. +273 +0 +110 +48 +66

5 Stars Health Attack Spell Armor Resist Move
Base 3030 0 726 654 915 365
Per Lv. +310 +0 +126 +54 +75


Bunnymorph Cooldown:12s

Esther transforms up to two enemies into harmless rabbits, substantially reducing their Armor. When the effect ends, deal spell damage to the target.


Harvest Doom Cooldown:1s

Harvest Doom
Passive: Esther grows a carrot every 15s. Maximum 3 carrots.
Active: Plant a carrot, which attacks nearby enemies, dealing damage based on Esther's Attack Power and Spell Power.


Miracle Grow Cooldown:30s

Miracle Grow
Esther and her carrots greatly increase in size. Esther and her allies gain 20% bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Her radishes gain 100% bonus Attack Speed.



Harmony Sage
Harmony Sage
+6% damage vs. Dark
+6% damage vs. 3-star or less
-6% incoming spell damage
Ultimate Harmony Sage
+15% damage vs. Dark
+15% damage vs. 3-star or less
-30% incoming spell damage


The third hit of each basic attack combo has the following chance to silence the enemy:
Lv. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
% 4 6 8 10 12 14 17 19 21 24


Hero Effect (per Star) Flavor Text

Selene Portrait


+2.4% Base Health Fixated
For some reason, Esther is obsessed with Selene.

Beau Portrait


+4% Base Attack Power
+4% Base Spell Power
Falling Out
No one takes Selene away from Esther!

Charon Portrait


+1.8% Spell Penetration Fate
Maybe she is destined for the Dark.

Ashley Portrait


+3.2% Bonus Summon Damage Little Girls
Could these two be related?


Esther Splash


Eternal Arena - Character Spotlight Esther NetEase Games

Eternal Arena - Character Spotlight Esther NetEase Games