Each hero belongs to one of four classes: Tank, Warrior, Mage, and Support. Heroes of a particular class tend to have certain characteristics, most notably, certain skills and attributes.


Tanks tend to have higher Health, Armor, and Spell Resistance.

Monto Portrait Mog Portrait Sargon Portrait Thanatos Portrait Rhagavar Portrait Gorestomp Portrait Loshod Portrait Krash Portrait Thrym Portrait Rurik Portrait


Warriors tend to have higher Attack Power.

Wukong Portrait Hibernus Portrait Bane Portrait Neptide Portrait Raijin Portrait Kraken Portrait Reinhardt Portrait Hematok Portrait Rasha Portrait Viscern Portrait Oni Portrait Vanessa Portrait Cerberus Portrait Beau Portrait Mugen Portrait Slim Jack Portrait Ingvar Portrait Yasha Portrait


Mages tend to have powerful spells with high damage output.

Lumenor Portrait Tai Portrait Oleg Portrait Charon Portrait Talina Portrait Ashley Portrait Flora Portrait Umbralu Portrait Kon-Kon Portrait Selene Portrait Anya Portrait


Support tend to have spells that heal and provide bonuses to teammates.

Sylvia Portrait Ariadne Portrait Harkness Portrait Viola Portrait Esther Portrait