Attributes or stats are statistical values that determine how well a hero performs in a particular aspect of combat. The class of a hero heavily impacts attributes. There are 21 attributes, divided into three categories: core, offensive, and defensive.

Core AttributesEdit


Determines how much damage heroes can receive before they are killed.

Attack PowerEdit

Increases Tank and Warrior basic attack damage. Also improves the damage of skills that scale with Attack Power.

Spell PowerEdit

Increases Mage and Support basic attack damage. Also improves the potency of skills that scale with Spell Power.


Reduces incoming physical damage.

Damage ReductionEdit

Determines how much incoming damage is reduced by Armor (and Spell Resistance). The effectiveness of Armor (and Spell Resistance) is influenced by a Hidden value that is unique to each hero and which increases with level. The base Hidden value is 30 times the scaling Hidden value.

Thus, damage reduction is calculated using this formula:

A / (A + H*(LVL + 29))

Where A is the Armor (or Spell Resistance) value, H is the Hidden value, and LVL is the hero's current level.

Below is a table listing each hero's Hidden value; a lower Hidden value is better.

Hero Class H Lv 1 Lv 80
Mog Tank 63 1890 6867
Gorestomp Tank 73 2190 7957
Kraken Warrior 75 2250 8175
Harkness Support 77 2310 8393
Loshod Tank 78 2340 8502
Rhagavar Tank 81 2430 8829
Sargon Tank 82 2460 8938
Krash Tank 87 2610 9483
Kon-Kon Mage 88 2640 9592
Monto Tank 90 2700 9810
Neptide Warrior 92 2760 10028
Reinhardt Warrior 100 3000 10900
Thanatos Tank 100 3000 10900
Bane Warrior 100 3000 10900
Ariadne Support 105 3150 11445
Wukong Warrior 105 3150 11445
Hematok Warrior 110 3300 11990
Lumenor Mage 110 3300 11990
Tai Mage 110 3300 11990
Charon Mage 115 3450 12535
Raijin Warrior 115 3450 12535
Oleg Mage 115 3450 12535
Talina Mage 120 3600 13080
Viola Support 120 3600 13080
Oni Warrior 123 3690 13407
Rasha Warrior 123 3690 13407
Hibernus Warrior 125 3750 13625
Viscern Warrior 125 3750 13625
Anya Mage 126 3780 13734
Esther Support 127 3810 13843
Sylvia Support 127 3810 13843
Cerberus Warrior 130 3900 14170
Flora Mage 130 3900 14170
Selene Mage 130 3900 14170
Beau Warrior 132 3960 14388
Ashley Mage 140 4200 15260
Umbralu Mage 142 4260 15478
Vanessa Warrior 145 4350 15805

Spell ResistanceEdit

Reduces incoming spell damage.

Movement SpeedEdit

Increases movement speed.

Offensive AttributesEdit

Armor PenetrationEdit

Ignores a percentage of enemy Armor when dealing physical damage.

Spell PenetrationEdit

Ignores a percentage of enemy Spell Resistance when dealing spell damage.

Life StealEdit

Recover Health based on a percentage of physical damage dealt.

Spell VampEdit

Recover Health based on a percentage of spell damage dealt.

Critical Strike ChanceEdit

Increases the likelihood that a basic attack or skill will score a critical hit.

Critical Strike DamageEdit

Increases the damage multiplier of critical hits.

Attack Speed BonusEdit

Increases the rate at which basic attacks occur.

Cooldown ReductionEdit

Reduces the cooldown time of all skills.

Basic Attack BonusEdit

Increases damage dealt by basic attacks.

Defensive AttributesEdit

Armor Penetration ResistanceEdit

Reduces enemy Armor Penetration when receiving physical damage.

Spell Penetration ResistanceEdit

Reduces enemy Spell Penetration when receiving physical damage.

Attack ReflectionEdit

Reflects incoming physical damage.

Spell ReflectionEdit

Reflects incoming spell damage.

Critical Strike ResistanceEdit

Reduces the likelihood that an enemy basic attack or skill will score a critical hit.

Health RegenerationEdit

Recovers a percentage of Health every second.

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